“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon – instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.”
-Dale Carnegie

I felt like posting a very inspirational quote today, and well this one is excellent. I think the problem of not living in the moment is a disease of American culture. So many people I have met in my life here have never stopped to “smell the roses.”

I always think back of college and going to dinner with my friend T. We would go to this little family restaurant that served greasy food. It had good food at a good price. Lake Street Cafe I think it was the name. T was so used to the American way of having dinner at a restaurant, eat your food and get out. It is so engraved on people’s brains that you are practically annoyed if the check is not at the table by the time your fork is down after the last bite. Then one day I told T, lets get a cup of coffee after dinner and just sit down. I wish I could have captured his face of amazement and realization at the same time. A kind of like we can do that… I am like YEA. From then on we started to just get a cup of coffee after dinner and chatting the rest of the night away. While I understand that most restaurants will frown upon this practice because the need to get as many customers as possible to make their money, if you find a restaurant that is not too busy, give having a cup of coffee after dinner a try.

Now, getting back to the quote. Counting our blessings should be something we all do daily but so many of us are guilty of not even doing it once a week. Just sit right now and think of all the good things in your life right now, you will see how good of a pick me up it is. As always I ask you, what does the quote mean to you?

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  1. I really like that quote.

  2. I completely agree John. And you know, Kris and I often go to IHOP and order coffee, and just sit there and talk… to get away for a bit. You might call it a mini-vacation away from the world.

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  4. Very nice quote. I often look around and wonder what everybody’s rush is. Nothing like an autumn walk to clear your mind and reflect on lifes blessings, that is of course unless your unable to walk. Then i hope you can see to enjoy the roses, if not, try smelling them unless of course…well, you get the idea.

  5. i havent finished reading the article yet. the subject was sooo ironically appropriate for me to come across at this particular time. i could consider your efforts demanding….i dont exactly know what computer programmers do, i can only imagine based on the nothing i know and from the literal words “computer programmer” … physical laborers struggle perhaps because some of their personal needs are not met and this causes feelings of being taken advantage of. for me, i would feel more productive insinutaing a little bit of all these demands….. for example, i work at an art store three days a week… i will begin school soon.. 2 days a week….. for the other 2 days i hope to work at physically demanding jobs such as cleaning, packing, moving, ….only 2 days.. a few hours…. time for myself is crucial to me…it is a time i use to carefully look over the knowledge, and emotions ive accumulated let them go and move on… i dont expect to do this physical labor consistantly as a career….but i will to the best of my ability, manage my home … i would prefer to work for those that are truely in the favor of brotherhood… so as to not be steered to the ghetto….
    or rather , more desperate measures…

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