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My buddy Mo is a pretty talented web developer not to mention avid tennis fan, both table and court. He has created two excellent sites that are a most check out for enthusiasts and casual users alike.

Tennis Tips just posted some new videos that you should check it out. It pays to have a webmaster that is dedicated to the sport and not just someone that gets paid to put content out there.

Ping Pong Tips has already a very well developed strokes section that you should check out. Ping Pong is a very easy to pick up sport and with Mo’s tips you can actually start competting in no time. I am no virtuouso myself but I do enjoy hitting that little ball as hard as I can. Some day I can dominate ala Forrest Gump.

These two websites have a clean and easy to navigate design, but they have great content beyond text making understanding the concepts a lot easier. Without excellent content there is no point to having a website, but you know that a lot of the internet does not follow that fundamental rule. I have to really start working on my new endeavour that should be up some time in the next month when I get some time to actually do some development. In the mean time enjoy the tips!

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