5 comments on “Logtar’s first podcast

  1. Holy SMOKES, you have such a cool voice! You sound like a cross between an Latino and a Chicagoan! How AWESOME! I loved your first podcast, I hope you make a lot more in the future. I disagree with the big juicy steak on the floor though, ha! I would be making some podcasts myself right now, but the problem, is that I left my microphone for my ipod at my apartment up in Houston. Now you’re making me wanna podcast… and just when I had gotten over it! ;p

  2. You have a very nice voice, Logtar (just as I had imagined, btw).
    I have to confess, though, that podcasts are not my medium, neither actively nor passively – I love the written word and I like to write words, as well.
    Anyway, congrats on your first podcast!

  3. Woot great voice! Of course everything you said made sense too although I’m not really into Harry Potter but good to hear your voice :)

  4. Wa-hey! Thats pretty damn cool – might try and give it a shot sometime… It was good to hear what you sound like though! 😉

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