Armstrong is Da Man

I grew up watching cycling on TV, Colombia had always had very good cyclist especially up in the mountains. With limited TV choices, back then only 2 channels, it was easy to get sucked up by the hype of cheering for the Colombian team. I understand the sport and well El Tour de Francia has been something I have known about since back then.

I am somewhat of a bandwagon jumper when it comes to Lance. I started really reading about him after the whole armband craze for his live strong foundation. Then I started hearing about all the bad stuff fans of the sport would do to him. Spit on him was one of the tame things they would do. It almost made me feel sick that people could be that vicious, but I have grown up knowing what fans and rivalries can mean specially being a soccer fan.

Today we know that Armstrong has won his seventh tour de France, and well as an American I celebrate this victory, but the world needs to recognize that this human being was so committed to achieving a goal that he needs to be called a hero. Not because he won seven times, not because he suffered and recuperated from cancer, but because of the work he is doing both in charity and awareness. He encompasses what the word perseverance really should mean. Congratulations Lance.

On a related but only by name crack up at this, there is a website ( about a guy from Utah that wants a date, the funny thing is that it is actually real and not gag.

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3 comments on “Armstrong is Da Man

  1. I have hands down the msot respect ever for him. To win the Tour 7 times and battle back from cancer. HOWEVER (and I know we never know the full story) I was extremely disappointed that he left his wife ( an d all accounts do tell it as him leaving her) after she stayed with him during the hard times, stuck by him through his illness. Now he dates someone famous. Fame when it goes to your head is such a waste.

  2. I am sure like you said there is a lot more to the story. I try to look at people that famous through a little more forgiving kaleidoscope when they use their fame for a good cause which I think he does.

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