Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince (****)

HP&HBP or book 6 is not going to take the spot as my favorite in the series from book 3 Prisoner of Azkaban. What it did do is got me back into the series. After reading book 5 I was dissapointed with Rowling. I thought how can you take away someone else from Harry when he is already in so much need of a family. Book 6 did just the same, but I get it this time. I see that Harry is going to have to grow up no only dealing with loss but learning how to follow his own path while appreciating the semblance of family that he does have.

Family is one of the most important things in my life. I cannot imagine growing up without my parents and still being able to experience love the way Harry experiences it. He has had to deal with a lot up to this book and HP&HBP gave him even more to deal with. I did expect him to completely give up hope, but instead he is now a man on a mission.

The book followed the Potter formula of recounting a life in a school year of the kids. As the series progresses there are more and more details being revealed about Voldemort and where he came from, this book was dubbed the Lilly Potter book, but I believe that we learned a lot more about Voldemort. It was not because it was all new information but because it all started to get tied together making a chronological recount of how he-who-must-not-be-named became what he is now.

I have never read a book that can talk about so much magic and incredible things yet carrying a very palpable message, love is the most powerful magic of all. This message makes me even more proud to read a series that a lot of adults might dismiss as kids books.

If you have not read the Harry Potter series, I think it is time you do… if book 5 left you a little empty and feeling like the rest of the series had no meaning anymore, forget about that and read book 6.

***Spoilers*** (Do not read beyond if you have not read all the books including 6)

Very early on I knew who the Half Blood Prince was. Even after the author tried to steer our thought away from the people in James year or time period I still had a very strong suspicion. Maybe because early on it seemed to be Snapes book, maybe because I have never liked him or trusted him. I did like the fact that it was ilustrated in more depth that Snape is a powerful wizard and very intelligent. I still hold a little bit of hope in the fact that he might redeem all of his actions at some point by helping Harry as he has done throught the book. I feel very sorry for Malfoy, a character that up until this book I have loathed, like Dumbledore I feel like he deserves a chance. I think Malfoy could be a great ally, at the same time he could make the ultimate nemesis but what else would we have Voldi for.

It is still somewhat unfair that we have to wait for more than a year to read the end of the series, but I guess we do have the next movie to kind of hold our Potter Mania going until then. I have no idea about how the next book is going to end and I really do not want to speculate. I am just as intrigued by everyone else to find out how Rowling will come to the last book in the series having Scar for its last word.

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  1. I was reading this article in Entertainment Weekly, where they did a “is Snape really good or evil” kind of thing and it was pretty convincing either way. The “good” point is that Dumbledore still could’ve ordered Snape to make that vow and kill him b/c the value of being the double-agent is worth even more to the Order of Phoenix.

    I’d thought of Snape, too, but have to admit that when they said he’d been there 50 years earlier, I was thinking it was Voldemort since that was the time frame in book 2.

    I agree with you on the best — #3.

  2. I need to get the last two books. I’m dying to read them both…and I’m on a reading binge right now.

  3. My favorite is still “the goblet of fire”. Im not convinced that Dumbledore has actually died, but rather found some white magic way to split his soul and place it in Harry. Whether that means he has died or not….Im unsure, but I dont think we have heard the last of him. I went back and re-read some of the Dumbledore chapters , and the appearences of Dumbledores final act , seem almost like it was a put on to convince the Death Eaters that he was actually killed. So I guess Snapes true motives will be revealed in the last book…..Overall, the series is evolving, becoming more complex while making you feel like your actually participating in the adventure, and describing things very visually. I like her writing style.

  4. Loved the book. As for the final book, I think we’ll see Dumbledore return as an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like spirit to guide Harry. I have very little doubt that Hogwarts will close, but I hope that Harry doesn’t get convinced to stay another year. Another year of hiding under the invisibility blanket, coming from behind to win another quiddch match/cup, points for and against houses… you get my point. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of Harry’s destiny. Lastly, Snape is going to be shown as good – even though he’s an ass.

  5. Wow, creo que soy la çunica persona en el mundo que no se ha leído ni una palabra de estos libros.

  6. The “good” point is that Dumbledore still could’ve ordered Snape to make that vow and kill him b/c the value of being the double-agent is worth even more to the Order of Phoenix.

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