Harry Potter Mania

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out July 16, 2005. Don’t worry no book 6 spoilers here. Potter Mania is out in full force once again. It has even captured my household, I realized it when Cielo was sitting reading The Sorcerers Stone, Ty was looking over The Goblet of Fire and I was deep into The Order of the Phoenix the other night.

I used to be a Potter maniac. Right before book 5 came out my addiction to the series was at an all time high. I was participating in 2 newsgroups and a message board. I also kept a couple of coworkers that were really into the book up to date with rumors that I had found. I re-read the whole series before book 5 came out and set my expectation level way too high. Then when I read book 5 I was highly disappointed. The book was great like the other ones, but the character that passed on left a big hole. It was so bad that I even considered not reading the rest of the series. How would you feel if the character that you loved in a series was gone…

Cielo started to read the book, I had encouraged it before and I was glad when she did. She seems to be enjoying it and along with Ty expressing some interest my liking of the series has been rekindled. It is not as high as it used to be, I am not going to wait at a store for the book to come out, but I am going to buy it that day if I get a chance. I might even wait until I finish rereading book 5, did not do the whole series this time just the last book. I am not sure if any of you likes the series… and even thought I am not as much of a fan I still recommend it. You might not think the character that passes on in book 5 is that important. Happy reading to all the Potter fans!
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9 Responses to Harry Potter Mania

  1. I’ve never read the books, ha, only because I know if I did, I’d probably end up addicted to them.

  2. I should have received my copy yesterday – but I was not at home, so the postman will deliver it only on Monday. Now let me see: Monday is Spanish evening, urggs, and a busy week, I hope I´ll be able to read it next weekend. I like the series, though far from being a real fan, I think it is agreeable, but not too original or too inspiring. I did read all the previous books, but I never saw any of the films.

  3. Personally I haven’t read any of the books but I do love the movies! I can see why people are so hooked on it!

  4. I have enjoyed reading the books, and seeing the movies – but I can’t quite understand the mania. I mean, really, they may be fun but they’re nothing special, especially in the worlds of childrens’ fantasy literature. I remember reading much better when I was kid…

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  6. Me gusta Harry Potter

  7. HP and the HBP was a mediocre book, and disappointing at best. I remember being 9 years old and being completely riveted by Jules Verne and HG Wells. This other HP thing let me down seriously.

    Although, I confess I bought the book because a woman I like bought it as well :)

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