The importnace of a local mechanic

I have had my share of woes with my vehicle. One of the added benefits of meeting Cielo is that she knew a good mechanic, and believe me dealing with car trouble becomes a total different experience. You stop feeling like you are getting ripped off every time something happens to your car and start feeling like you get a deal.

I just got my breaks done, after they had started grinding pretty bad. I took my car to the local tire place (I bought my tires there) to get them rotated, balanced and get an alignment I thought I needed. They immediately told me my breaks were bad (which I was aware off), but not before trying to tell me that unless they replaced the struts in my car they could not do an alignment. I don’t know all that much about cars but it sounded pretty bad to me. I could not afford the 400 bucks to do all that they wanted to do, and after the initial shock and talking to Cielo I went and picked up my car from those crooks.

When I picked it up, the guy said that my car did not need alignment, that the wheels just needed balancing. No mention of the breaks or the struts. My car started grinding bad after that and got worse to the point that we stopped driving it since we have the convenience of having two vehicles. I called our local mechanic but unfortunately he was booked for the week and was taking a vacation right after.

I left him a message during his vacation and he called me this week. He thought I would have already gotten the car fixed, but I said no I wanted to wait for you. He checked my car and told me the struts were fine, they were not leaking and in no need to be replaced. I get my car back today and could not be happier. I totally support finding a local guy that you can trust to work on your vehicles. Dealers and other chains are nothing but trouble.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. This is one industry that can make money hand over fist, sinc hardly anyone knows what seems “right” or not. Best bet is definitely through referrals.

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