Logtar breaks a tooth

Yea, I thought it would be cool to crack open a pistachio shell with one of my molars and what a mistake… well I ended up cracking a tooth and let me tell you it was not fun. I had previously had a root canal done on that same tooth… that was good because it made the pain bearable, but the bad thing is that now the dentist has to do magic to actually put a crown on it. Basically I spent 2 hours at the dentist yesterday while he prepped the tooth and took an impression but ***stop reading now if you are squeamish***

because of how deep the break was the gum and bone were getting on the way so he had to burn off some of the gum to take an impression and still save the tooth. I ended up in pain, with the taste of burnt flesh in my mouth and in pain.
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6 comments on “Logtar breaks a tooth

  1. Oh dear, I know what you are telling about. All the best wishes! (and lots of coolpacks to ease the pain) Marchal

  2. Thanks guys… feeling tons better now that the temporary is there… I think the problem was that after breaking the tooth was lose and just creating problems.

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