Two Americans take 1st and 2nd on MotoGP

I am betting that not a lot of you even know what MotoGP is, but when it comes to motorcycles it is the highest level of competetion. This past weekend mark the first time in years since the competition actually made it to America. In Laguna Seca, two Americans took 1st and 2nd place.

The dominant racer in this competition is the Italian, Valentino Rossi, and he did not even get to go one lap in the pole position. Nicky Hayden dominated this competition and was pretty much not even challenged from the beginning of the race. Colin Edwards battled Rossi and took second place. This racetrack is a little more technical than others in the MotoGP circuit because of elevation changes and some really tight corners… but Nicky dominated, and I am very happy about his win. Congratulations!

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