Bombs Disrupt the G8 Summit

Some people might disagree with me, but I think that Tony Blair having to go back to London does disrupt the G8 Summit. It is sad that we have to witness more senseless deaths in our generation and to think we call ourselves civilized.

It is thought that the 7 blasts in London’s transportation system was timed to coincide with the G8 summit, but there is still no clear motive behind it. The attacks are also believed to not be related to London winning bid to host the 2012 Olympic games. There is no clear measure of the casualties at this point but I do send my most sincere condolences to anyone affected by this tragedy.

Who would want to disrupt the G8 Summit… who in the world would want to mess with financial aide to Africa and agreements for a better environment?

While I think that President Bush was not going to necessarily do everything we in our eyes see as possible for the summit, I still held Blair’s kind of optimism in that some concession could be made. Blair is said to return to the summit tonight, I hope that they can really make a difference and not let terrorism hurt a great cause.

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6 comments on “Bombs Disrupt the G8 Summit

  1. War is in Londow (british troops -terrorist troops- are fighting in Irak and Agfanistan now). British troops are in Malvinas (Falklands Islands) too.

    i hope Mr Blair will think again about social situation in the Third World after these blasts.

    best wishes!

  2. Just read up on that from aNNa’s. It’s a pitiful thing that was done, they are a bunch of cowards, whoever they are.

  3. People forget that no matter what the cause is, innocents are the ones paying the price… there is no cause worth killing others.

  4. I agree with you on the G8 summit ordeal. I think Blair leaving the summit will cause very important issues to fall by the wayside. Bush has demonstrated zero interest in climate change concerns and Blair seemed to be the big proponent of bringing global warming to the communal table. In the big scheme of things the Bush administration has done very little by way of helping ease the pandemic of poverty and AIDS in Africa (as they seem to be the worst off).

    I forget where it was, but I read an article the other day that said the U.S. has provided fewer resources for Africa’s problems then other smaller countries have. If Bush is the big man on the G8 campus now I fear the summit will be just for publicity and photo shoots.

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