London is the Winner

London beats Paris to 2012 Games by 4 votes. I believe that the city won mostly because of the promise to renovate one of the poorest areas in London. Bids from Moscow, Madrid and New York were eliminated earlier leaving Paris and London as the two finalists. Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac made an appearance visited the commission to boost their countries opportunities. I believe that Senator Clinton was on tap from New York.

Hosting a sporting event of this magnitude can change a city. Cali, my hometown in Colombia hosted the VI Pan American Games July 30 – August 13, 1971. They happened before I was born, but I can always remember the stories regarding how those games changed the face of my city. Various sport sites were built around the city, they are still being used today. Generation after generation of athletes in my city can thank those games in part for having the facilities to practice their sport.

Remembering and thinking of this has sparked an idea. How about instead of having cities like London, New York, Paris host the games, that the IOC finds a way to sponsor a small developing country to host the games. I understand this is a long shot, but think of the positive consequences something like this would have on sports for that nation. I leave that thought with you to ponder. In the mean time, Congratulations London. I know that Cielo is game to go watch the games there.

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2 comments on “London is the Winner

  1. It would be a total miracle if they would host the games at poor places, but the higher-ups don’t want everyone to see how horrible third world countries are.

  2. I was surprised London had the space to build all of the new arenas that would be required to host it. I never thought NYC would get it.

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