Pardon Our Dust!

Well, after over a year of the same layout I am taking a leap of faith and going to a new layout. It is scary since I have never really used images and I am affraid that the traffic might just kill my monthly bandwith but we will have to wait and see. I know I can host the images off site, but then you deal with the problem of that other site being down… I am still trying to get everything working so have patience if things are not working… feel free to point stuff and and as always input is welcom.

Fridays are for Meme’s (BAB)

The weekend is about to begin and well I memed yesterday and it sparked an idea, we did the musical baton not to long ago, but why don’t we do a little advertising meme. We all have places we read and visit, my meme here is going to be a visit a new site and explain why… also while you post the meme in your blog for other’s to answer go ahead and answer the questions for a meme you really would like your readers to visit… if only Cielo was ready for some visitors 😉

So if you are not totally confused by what I just said lets play. I will formulate 5 questions which I will answer for a blog of my choice, but then before you go ahead and steal the meme you need to do the meme here on my comments… got it, good… lets play.

Blog Advertising Baton (BAB) By Logtar :)

Blog to visit: Big Orange Michael

What makes you keep on reading this blog every change you get?
I enjoy Michael’s writing style, he is always honest and conveys a lot of feeling in his writing. He is also fun to read when he goes onto his TV craze because he is a bigger TV nut than I could ever be. If I had to sum it up I would say he blogs with integrity.

What do you love about the blog’s layout?
He fits a lot of information with his outgoing links and it does not look cluttered, his design and colors work well, even though Orange is not my favorite color I like how it is used there.

How did you first find out about the blog?
I believe bloghopping and mostly because of football, I was reading stuff about college football and bumped into his site. Just ask him about football.

Has your blogsphere expanded thanks to the blog, maybe another place to visit, maybe another type of blog that you did not consider before?
I think that Barry is probably the coolest addition to my blogroll thanks to Michael, they have a very cool friendship and at times I am jealous of the brother like relationship they share. Barry’s is also a blog you need to visit.

Last but not least, what is your favorite post over at Michael’s, and if you are lazy what was your favorite in the past couple of weeks?
One of my favorites, which I kind of stole also is this post where he recounts his blogging… not because there are tons of links to other wonderful blogs but because of the little comments that make it easier to follow.


Fill in the Blanks

OK, so fill in the blanks. Play nice 😉
Played this over at April’s and well, now you have to play it here, and please be nice.

I ____ Logtar.
Logtar is ____.
Logtar thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of _________, I think of Logtar.
If I were ____ in a ______ with Logtar, I would _______.
I think Logtar should _____.
Logtar needs ______.
I want to ____________ Logtar.
If I could describe Logtar in a word: _______.


“Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much.”
-Robert Greenleaf

“Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals.”
-J. Isham

“The first duty of love is to listen.”
-Paul Tillich

For years I fooled myself into believing I was a good listener. I was always full of advice at any situation a friend or family member presented me. I was always well liked by those around me because of my ability to say what I thought. I now realize that giving advice about a situation does not make me a good listener, it seems almost idiotic to think that way but that is how I defined it in my mind.

Listening is a skill, one that I am working on right now. It is not about processing what we hear, but about really understanding what is being said. It takes a lot of work and most importantly you have to learn how to see other’s points of view. We all think we are very capable of doing this things but in reality it is quite a task to not come up with an idea of how what we are hearing fits into our morals or way of thinking.

I felt pray of talking too much during conversations, I still do. I have learned in both my personal life and the real world that sometimes not saying anything is more powerful than saying anything at all. Also that if you wait to say something until the other person has really finished what they are saying will make a conversation flow a lot better and accomplish that elusive goal which is to get a thought, that same thought to the other person. It is hard to think of it that way, but that is what we really are trying to accomplish when we communicate. It is to make someone else see what we see, or the ever harder to make someone else feel what we feel.

Charismatic people have the capability of influencing others; they can start a fire in someone else’s heart about a cause, about an event, a point of view. I have been called charismatic, but I sit here and don’t really feel that way since I don’t find myself being a good listener, how can I truly influence without the listening skill fully developed. I am trying to become a better listener and I don’t have the final answer just yet, but I do know that I have a lot of work ahead of me and right now I am trying to understand what the word listening really means. How do you define listening?

Madagascar (****)

Why is it getting the full Logtar endorsement? Well because it is hilarious and it has booty shaking. Watching a bunch of furry animals jam to “I like to move it, move it” is one of the coolest and funniest things I have seen in a movie in quite some time. This scene really fit the music, kind of like the opening scene in Blade with its bass pumping in the background or the opening scene in any StarWars movie with the credits rolling.

The movie has a great story, the main characters are hilarious and on queue with the action. David Schwimmer is hilarious as the hypochondriac giraffe, Ben Stiller makes an excellent Alex the Lion and the confused Zebra by Chris Rock is pure laughter. This movie really competes with Shreck in the comedy animation movie department, I would even venture saying that in some levels it tops it. The hippo voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith was funny but not innovative, I found it at times lacking but it did not disrupt the flow of the movie.

If you have kids, take them to the movies; you will not be disappointed. If you don’t have kids, then I will forgive you if you wait to just rent it.

Logtar’s Rating System
* Don’t bother
**If there is nothing else in the video store
***Rent it for sure
****Go watch it in the theater today, or buy the DVD

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