Post Camping

Like I mentioned before, this past weekend was my first time camping. My previous experience was something that I honesty did not recall. Cielo is a seasoned camper, and I was a greenhorn in a lot of ways. We set out to Harrisville State Park Friday afternoon. The drive is around 2.5 hours from where we live so not too far, but still a drive. The car was packed and not just a little but packed so that is was borderline a safety hazard to us to be inside… but we made it work. We started the trip that was pretty quick, we had some beautiful scenery to look at. Our first stop was in AuGres for gas and snack… and there I found what I thought was going to be the ultimate experience… a 300% hotter snack Tijuana Mama… it was a big let down, it tasted more like vinegar than anything hot… I call that false advertisement.

We arrived at the campsite somewhere around 3:30, and it took us the best part of 2 hours to get the tents set up and everything out of the cramped car. I think that first night we had brats and later on smores. Food was for the most part unhealthy snacks, but hey what is camping all about but easy food. We spent some of that afternoon just looking at the beautiful view of lake Huron and just enjoying the tranquility. The first night was not that cold, and the air mattress did its job for the beginning of the night. In the morning I kind of noticed that my hip had been on the ground for most of the night… this would be a lesson that would help on subsequent nights.

Both Cielo and I did some relaxation reading, what is better than reading a good book at the beach. Cielo read the Taking by Dean Koontz and I read Airframe by Michael Crichton. Tyler played tons with some other kids at the camp, rode around on his bike and was a lot braver than Cielo and I by actually jumping in that cold water the second day. It took a couple of more days for me to even get in… I am not one for cold water.

Sunday we drove up to Alpena for some food, we were kind of burned out of snacking and campfire food and went for Chinese. The food was excellent, that or we had been starving for some real food. Not to say that campfire food is not excellent and a hotdog will never taste as good made on a regular grill as opposed to the open fire.

Sunday was a celebration day, being both Fathers Day (Feliz Dia del Padre, Papi) and Ty’s Birthday. We had a cake for him and his presents out there that I think he truly enjoyed. The main reason for us to go camping was as a birthday present for him also since it is something that he really enjoys.

Alpena was not that far so we actually ventured up there Monday, on our way back we visited an old lighthouse.

We enjoyed wonderful weather the whole time we were up there, but of course right when we were getting ready to start breaking down and packing a downpour like no other came down. We were drenched by the time we finished packing up the car. We did cheer up by visiting a huge cow on the way home. Enjoy the pictures, Cielo took some beautiful shots!


I am not the most outdoors savvy person, I mean I was a boy scout when I was young but I never went camping with them.My first time camping was to a lake (El Lago Calima) and the one after that was not very enjoyable. I will however camp again some day and let you guys know how that goes. For now all experiences since that last one have been erased from the data bank.


I have been visiting Snopes for quite some time. Snopes is a ultimate urban legends reference site. I call it my hoax killer site. I first came across it after a series of e-mails trying to guilty me into giving money to some cause made me kind of angry. I feel that is immoral to use a sick child as a ploy to get money or even just guilt to spam 10 other people. Must of us now recognize when a new friend or family member gets e-mail because we get the renewed trail of old-school spam, AOL and Microsoft (or insert Big company here) are now going to pay you for e-mail forwarded. It seems that everyone loves something for nothing. I am still waiting for my check along with my IPod.

Snopes helps with this problem and it is also full of other information. The Disney section is one of my favorites. There are some cute entries like the one about a Liger actually being real animal. Do keep in mind that this is an Internet site for the weird so you might also find some disgusting or even offensive entries, nonetheless is a great site to check out at least once and let me know what you thought? What did you find interesting? Did it set you straight on anything that you believed true?