Velvet Revolver – Contraband (****)

When I first listened to the The Spaghetti Incident? I knew that Guns N’ Roses would soon be over. I was not clear as to what had ended the mystique that had started as the band that was destined to rule the world of rock and roll. I knew that egos were getting over inflated and that the drinking and partying was getting the best of the rock stars fulfilling the old cliché of that lifestyle. Guns N’ Roses like the Sex Pistols of the last generation changed music for me. I remember listening to them and being mesmerized by their videos. I could only wish to be as cool as Slash, his guitar really made me appreciate the band. When the band split I felt a void that only Nirvana filled, but then, after that no, other band has truly rocked for me.

Enter Velvet Revolver, I have been listening to what was played on the radio but recently got the whole album and started listening to it. It is pure genius, pure rock, and most important of all it feels fresh. Every single instrument is played with such conviction that it is hard not to move to the music. Only one other record, Americana by The Offspring has made me want to speed this bad. This is the kind of record that you can listen to from beginning to end and then play once more just because it is that great.

With Scott Weiland at vocals and writing on the album, this mega band took shape. How can you lose when you have Slash playing guitar, Duff McKagan playing bass, Matt Sorum on drums, and the only other non Gn’R member Dave Kushner also playing some sick guitar. If you have not listened to this album, give it a try. I like the way they are bringing powerful Rock back into the scene.

Sucker Train Blues is a great opening song, it hits hard and it has an intro that leads right into the appetite for destruction type of song. From then it does not let you go, before the song is over you will be singing the chorus for sure. Big Machine is probably one of my favorite songs, I like the way it is written and the beat just makes you want to make your head bang like in the old days. Slither has some guitar that makes you remember when Rock was cool and fun. Fall to Pieces is probably the one that I have listened to the most on the radio, but it is still a good track, very reminiscent of November Rain type of music accompanied by great lyrics.

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