Which actually means Love from the linden trees by The Outlaws gained internet popularity thanks to Gary Brolsman, the American kid that made a video representation of the song. It was then dubbed the numa numa song. I actually heard this song way before this whole internet craze when a friend came back from Poland and told me that this Romanian song was just playing non stop at the clubs over there. So it became like the anthem for that summer. I liked the song from the beginning, its catchy and it has a good beat. Ty really likes the song, the problem is that after he hears it he keeps on singing it for a while and that can be, what is the word… a long time 😉

The internet video has spawed several funny bits, even though the initial offering was just hilarious. Here are the lyrics to the song if you are that interested… if someone finds the actual video, not sure Haiducii ever did one post it up! enjoy!

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