I have been visiting Snopes for quite some time. Snopes is a ultimate urban legends reference site. I call it my hoax killer site. I first came across it after a series of e-mails trying to guilty me into giving money to some cause made me kind of angry. I feel that is immoral to use a sick child as a ploy to get money or even just guilt to spam 10 other people. Must of us now recognize when a new friend or family member gets e-mail because we get the renewed trail of old-school spam, AOL and Microsoft (or insert Big company here) are now going to pay you for e-mail forwarded. It seems that everyone loves something for nothing. I am still waiting for my check along with my IPod.

Snopes helps with this problem and it is also full of other information. The Disney section is one of my favorites. There are some cute entries like the one about a Liger actually being real animal. Do keep in mind that this is an Internet site for the weird so you might also find some disgusting or even offensive entries, nonetheless is a great site to check out at least once and let me know what you thought? What did you find interesting? Did it set you straight on anything that you believed true?

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  1. I love Snopes – I visit all the time. My mom is forever sending me, “Is this legit?” emails with some get-rich-quick scheme or hard-luck-story attachment she’s gotten. I just email her back a link to the Snopes page…

    A couple years ago a notice went up at the hospital, from security, to all employees that said to a) beware of hypodermics stuck in pay phone coin return slots and b) drivers who drive without headlights at night who will kill you as a gang initiation if you blink your lights at them. I recognized both as Urban Legends and sent an email to the Security Department about it. The notices soon came down 😉

  2. I also love this site and find myself spending hours going through the various categories, and when I go back, I have to remember what I’ve already read.

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