Pardon Our Dust!

Well, after over a year of the same layout I am taking a leap of faith and going to a new layout. It is scary since I have never really used images and I am affraid that the traffic might just kill my monthly bandwith but we will have to wait and see. I know I can host the images off site, but then you deal with the problem of that other site being down… I am still trying to get everything working so have patience if things are not working… feel free to point stuff and and as always input is welcom.

6 Responses to Pardon Our Dust!

  1. Looks great! Although I did like the old – somewhat minimalistic – look and feel.

  2. Yea, I also loved that about my old blog, but it was time for something new I think… I still have the old layout so I might eventually go back to it… like I said if my bandwith suffers I will go back go the old.

  3. I love it John! Keep up the good work!! Yay, and u added an “important dates” plug-in as well. Now I know when stuff is gonna happen. ;)

  4. Actually I went back to my old one with just some modifications, but I will keep on changing stuff. I worked on that layout over the weekend and made it look nice, or what at least I thought it was nice until I looked at it on IE and the CSS was just not compatible after I had gone hack happy and changed tons… I might attempt it soon, for now the changes here is what I am sticking with…

  5. layout looks great. :) the small iconish look to this whole blog/site of yours is cool.. i don’t see why you would need to change anything.. other than adding more stuff! lol

    i’m battling with my layout.. apparently, those IE users can’t see my blog/site… *sigh* anyone help here too? lol

  6. K since I am new here and got here thru April’s blog, dunno about ur last layout. This one is nice n simple :)

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