Fridays are for Meme’s (BAB)

The weekend is about to begin and well I memed yesterday and it sparked an idea, we did the musical baton not to long ago, but why don’t we do a little advertising meme. We all have places we read and visit, my meme here is going to be a visit a new site and explain why… also while you post the meme in your blog for other’s to answer go ahead and answer the questions for a meme you really would like your readers to visit… if only Cielo was ready for some visitors 😉

So if you are not totally confused by what I just said lets play. I will formulate 5 questions which I will answer for a blog of my choice, but then before you go ahead and steal the meme you need to do the meme here on my comments… got it, good… lets play.

Blog Advertising Baton (BAB) By Logtar :)

Blog to visit: Big Orange Michael

What makes you keep on reading this blog every change you get?
I enjoy Michael’s writing style, he is always honest and conveys a lot of feeling in his writing. He is also fun to read when he goes onto his TV craze because he is a bigger TV nut than I could ever be. If I had to sum it up I would say he blogs with integrity.

What do you love about the blog’s layout?
He fits a lot of information with his outgoing links and it does not look cluttered, his design and colors work well, even though Orange is not my favorite color I like how it is used there.

How did you first find out about the blog?
I believe bloghopping and mostly because of football, I was reading stuff about college football and bumped into his site. Just ask him about football.

Has your blogsphere expanded thanks to the blog, maybe another place to visit, maybe another type of blog that you did not consider before?
I think that Barry is probably the coolest addition to my blogroll thanks to Michael, they have a very cool friendship and at times I am jealous of the brother like relationship they share. Barry’s is also a blog you need to visit.

Last but not least, what is your favorite post over at Michael’s, and if you are lazy what was your favorite in the past couple of weeks?
One of my favorites, which I kind of stole also is this post where he recounts his blogging… not because there are tons of links to other wonderful blogs but because of the little comments that make it easier to follow.


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