Le Weekend

Wow, what a wonderful weekend… even though I did not feel the greatest, stomach was not all that helpful, I still managed to score a wonderful weekend.

Saturday Cielo’s sister and her boyfriend came over. He is a chef in training and one with a great future. He made homemade pizza dough for Pizza on the Grill. Check out the pictures and be jealous, very jealous because it tasted awesome. I have had brick oven pizza but this topped it for sure.

Sunday we got to go to the movies and see Madagascar, which I will review soon. How was your weekend? I hope just as fun as mine was.

One comment on “Le Weekend

  1. I was on call, in the hospital unti lafter 6PM both days. I’m glad someone had a good time. It’s always good to be with the family. Pizza never hurts, either.

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