Wonderful Long Weekend

I am sitting here at home kind of sad knowing that I will be heading back to work tomorrow. This weekend was excellent and it seems like it just flew by. Both Cielo and I took Friday off since Ty did not have school and we took him to Detroit to see the Zoo and the Detroit Institute of Art.

The Zoo at first seemed like a long walk by the map, but with the nice weather it ended up being not that bad at all. All of the animals looked very good except for all the primates. I am not sure what it is about the exhibit, but to me they looked extremely sad. Their human like qualities made me somewhat uncomfortable. None of them were very active and they seemed very unhappy. Cielo really liked the Zebra’s, they were really active and seemed to be having fun harrasing the Zookeeper that was scooping their poop. Ty really wanted to see the Bison, he just finished a school project where he researched them, and then even made a little model of one.

Then we met Cielo’s family, Mom, Dad, Sis and Sis’s BF for Lunch over at Pegasus in Greektown downtown Detroit. The food was good, but not impressive, we did the Zaganaki and then played it safe and ended up getting Gyro’s. I am not a huge Greek food fan, but I do like Gyros.

Off to the museum after lunch, we had only a couple of hours and were kind of afraid it would not be enough but it ended up being plenty to see everything. I was happy to see 3 Picasso’s, and some other artists that right now I cannot remember by name. Cielo really liked seeing an Andy Warhal. There was a lot of Suits of Armor and art from all over the world. It was really neat to see it all. There was nothing from Colombia, but a couple of pieces from Costa Rica made it feel like I was looking at Colombian art.

The rest of the weekend we dedicated to movie watching, walking outside in the beautiful weather and just enjoying each other’s company. I do have to highlight the Matrix Marathon. We watched all three and I still have to say it is my Top Movie trilogy.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know how you spent your weekend.

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