I am addicted to TiVo. For those of you not familiar with it, it is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). It basically lets you record TV to be played later, like having a very responsive easy to use VCR but without the tapes, the rewinding and the poor quality since it is all recorded digitally. We have 2 at home and they are both dual tuners. The dual tuner feature makes it possible to record 2 different channels at once.

The TiVo lets you record live TV while you watch, so that if you miss something you have instant replay capabilities. It also has the option to quickly skip commercials when you are watching recorded shows. It really changed my TV viewing experience because now I hardly ever channel surf, most of the time I have a variety of pre-recorded shows to watch.

I would miss TiVo if I did not have it, and there is also ways of making it even better like hooking it up to a computer and then being able to put your Shows into DVD, something that I will do in the future if I get a chance. Some of the newer TiVo’s actually have network connections to transmit data from your PC to be played by the TiVo. It is really a revolutionary little gadget that is changing the way I personally enjoy TV.

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