Star Wars – ROTS (***)

I really liked this movie. I am sure that a lot of people are overanalyzing the movie to pieces, but I honestly believe this was the best movie in the prequel trilogy. The special effects were pretty good, the story picked up a bit in terms of acting, and it also stayed true to the story line. I like the fact that Lucas did not try to make things more complex but showed the progression of the characters towards what they become in the next movie.

What better way to end the prequels than to set it up for the next chapter without some strange attempt at an evil twist? Some say that he had to fit everything into the story, but in reality he could have done something different or centered the movies on other characters. The StarWars universe is that, a universe, and he had endless possibilities.

My only disappointment was the killing of the Jedi. I know that they were betrayed, but Jedi’s rock, I would have liked to see them fall after tearing half of the clones that were attacking them apart. The movie was already long but I would have put aside the awkward love scenes for more Jedi butt kicking.

My all time favorite moments in the movie came thanks to R2D2. He rocked the movie not just providing comic relief but seriously kicking butt. I cracked up when he comes into the room as in we are saved, but then you find out that he was just being chased. That was hilarious.

The saddest moments in the movie were thanks to Darth Vader. It was sad for me to see that he chose that path; it was a nice build up to what he becomes. I do not fault the actors for the script, and even though this was a lot better than the past 2 prequels, it was still not awesome.

I say go see it if you have not already. You might know exactly what is going to happen, but hey everyone also knew the Titanic was going to sink. So go see Yoda kick some butt.

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**If there is nothing else in the video store
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  2. I haven’t watched it yet!!! *wail*

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