Women are Grand!

I was going to write about how much Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy sucked, and to stay away from it, but Aprils’ comment made me remember something I saw on TV this weekend and further my need to rant.

I was flipping through channels, having already exhausted the TiVo for the weekend and I stopped at MTV for the usual voyeuristic chuckle. I dislike MTV, but I do find it to be a guilty pleasure. When I watch some shows on MTV it is like watching a car wreck, you cannot help but watch. I do have to say that some of the series that MTV has had have been well done, others just show how stupid our generation can be.

I had encountered this show before, it is called; I want a famous face. Well it is a ridiculous premise to start with, but since I had not seen this episode before I said why not. Enter a mother of two that wants to look like Jennifer Anniston. It amazed me to see a girl wanting so much done all at once. She wanted; nose, chin, breast implants and liposuction on her back, sides, tummy and legs. Once the operation was done she looked more like a mummy and so miserable, it was painful to watch. The magic of TV however, fast-forwarded 2 months, and voila she was recuperated and ready for a night out on the town. I was bothered by this girl’s actions, having a boyfriend and two kids, going on a “girls night out” and having guys touch her breasts.

I have never touched a fake breast, and I have no desire to either. I would be very offended if my woman let another man just feel her up. I guess in our society that is cool. Well, not in my book.

My rant is not about the disrespect to this girl’s boyfriend by the whole, “touch my fake breast incident.” I want to talk about the lack of self-respect this girl had. I totally understand someone wanting to look good, but to do it because of how others are going to see you and not for yourself I think is wrong. Our society has become so infatuated with the way we look that it becomes almost impossible not to be self-conscious in some level.

Women are grand. Women are beautiful and intelligent beings that grace us with their presence on this earth. No matter what size or how they look on the interior there is always some level of beauty to everyone. I am not a feminist, and I do not agree with a lot of that way of thinking… but what I do believe is that women need to be respected and adored like the goddesses they are. I am a man’s man, but I do not buy into the whole objectifying women. It is sad that our society has made the definition of beautiful an unrealistic portrait of an airbrushed woman that in my opinion is not real.

I am glad I have a strong, intelligent woman by my side. I only have eyes for her; she is my goddess and whom I like to give all my love and respect. I just hope that our society stops focusing so much on the outside and start healing on the inside, because we are in big trouble the way I see things.