Happy Mothers Day

Am I late, Yes, did I have a good reason, absolutely. I had a wonderful mothers day, celebrating the day was an excellent time to spend with family. I also mailed my sister and Mom a couple of cards which they both loved and made me happy. Sometimes is not an expensive present that touches the hearth but a thoughful one, and I think I did a good job on the present this years for the 3 mothers close to my hearth.

Cielo and I had her family over, including the maternal grandparents for dinner on Sunday. We had ribs and a killer pasta salad… which Cielo made … I know, I know she should have not cooked at all. Everyone had a good time and Cielo loved her present, again it was more thoughtful than expensive, but I think that is what really counts.

How was your Mothers day, how did you celebrate?

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  1. I guess we moved Motherīs Day up a bit. My parents and I were in Berlin the week before Motherī s Day and traveled back by train on Saturday. The train ride took us almost 10 hours (bad planning really) and we came back home on Sunday at about 2 a.m. Had a bit of celebration (and a good time) in Berlin and on the train and dropped Sunday (my parents say they were up early, but I was finished and slept almost the whole of Sunday).

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