Quote on Education

“We must not believe the many, who say that only free people ought to be
educated, but we should rather believe the philosophers who say that only the
educated are free.”
— Epictetus

My GrandPa used to always tell me as a kid, “Educate and you will never be, the simple slave of the tyrants or fall pray of your passions.” It sounds a little more musical in Spanish but the message is the same. Education. Education is freedom as the Greek philosopher just quoted above. Again, the more we learn, the more we know that we are ignorant of so much. As we get older we gain the sense that we don’t know everything and that there are so many other points of view.

I like to travel and see other places, I really want to go to Europe and see so much of the old world. I also want to travel inside the US tons more, it might not have the history that our friend on the other side of the pond do, but it is a huge land that is very diverse. Traveling is one of the most important parts of education, it might not need to be done via physical movement, but reading a book from a far away land can open your eyes to this big world. I think learning from other cultures enriches our own. I am lucky enough to have a mixed culture by growing up in Colombia and then adopting the multifaceted US culture. So I leave you with two questions… do you think traveling is a form of education? And tell me something about your culture that you find unique and I might not know…

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  1. I absolutely believe traveling is a form of education. As a matter of fact, Kris and I are making it a point to save up not on a huge house, but on a double wide mobile home in order to save up for traveling throughout our lives. You hit the money and you got me rolln’.

    As far as my culture, it’s hard to say. I’m multicultural, and so, the rules are a little bit different. Let’s see, ok…here’s something you might not know. The founder of the NAACP was not a black person, but a white woman named Mary White Ovington. How bout’ that? ;p

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