A year of highlights

Michael did such an amazing post for his bloganniversity that I just had to steal the idea… they do say that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery right :)

January 2004

This is the month I started blogging. Jan 9th marks my first post, wow this place and my posting has come a long way.

What is a blog, this was one of my first attempts at letting people know what this place was. Now a days the term is a lot more common.
How could I forget , is a post where I thank one of the people that inspired me to open the little window into my life that this place has become.
Meeting people online, was probably one of my first long posts… eventually that kind of post grew into the culture write ups which reminds me I need to do one more on that series.

February 2004

The day I was born, was one a post where I actually started recouting some memories. I have never had a journal and the blog does have some information that will be kind of cool to read in the future.
Pissed at JK Rowling, Not a moment I like to remember, I used to be a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, I still am but I am affraid book 5 really made me sad.

March 2004

Reading Again, marks the beginning of me getting back into a practice that I love. I cannot believe I went for so long without reading reagularly. I need to go to the bookstore and pick up a couple of books and well Cielo has a lot of Dean Koonts that I still need to read :)
The Boondock Saints, review is probably one of the posts that brings more non blog surfers into my site, I had not checked it in a while and I think a couple of arguments broke out… funny thing is that it is my most commented post.

April 2004

My favorite standup comedians, well this one will be a good one to visit… post up what comedians you guys like.
One of the lessons learned, I really need to take my own advice more often 😉
Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery, was a post that got me tons of hits, I think it was a good write up.

May 2004

Patience, I like posting quotes, and then reflecting on them, this one is one of my favorite quote posts.
Nature vs Manbuilt, Did not think it was too controversial of a topic, but it ended up being…
Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery, was a post that got me tons of hits, I think it was a good write up.
Memelicious Today, Done plenty, this one was kind of cool.

June 2004

Capricious, interesting read.
Fantasy, being a dreamer…
Carpal Tunel Syndrome, something we should all be aware of.

July 2004

Excellence, what an awesome quote.
I passed, us citizenship…
A Pictures’s Worth, I am still proud of having a photo featured in a website this way.

August 2004

Memories of my Mom needs a better title.
Friendship, this one needs a rewrite.

September 2004

Rip TOMMY, get tons of hits from this post… sad to read.
Knowledge, important…
Future, it feels better now.

October 2004

Dongs in our socitey, a little ranty.
Boris Vallejo, awesome art.
This Weekend, LANparty madness.

November 2004

New Beginnings, this post had a hidden message.
Best Weekend of my life, my first open post about my love.
A Gift from the sky, first poem to my love.

December 2004

The Good Wife Guide, I am still cracking up about this… it was a joke people, funny think is that Cielo sent it to me.
Leo Buscaglia, Read this when you need to be picked up…
What a difference a month makes, No better way to sum up a year of changes.

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  1. Aww, nice post… plus, nice pics too. Did I ever tell u that I subscribed to your pics a while back? Yeah, so every time u update them … I know…MUAHAHAH!

  2. Thank you for the nice surprise when you stopped by my blog today and left a comment. I hope you will return again. You are such a great writer and I always find things that inspire and motivate me here.

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