Wonderful Saturday

Over the past couple of days I did not get much sleep. We had a crisis at work with some server that resulted on me pulling a long shift and not getting any sleep at all from Thursday night to Friday. Finally yesterday completely exhausted I fell to sleep on the recliner trying to watch Ocean’s 12 with Ty and Cielo. I could have gone to sleep right when I got home but I had missed them so much from having to work overnight that I figured spending time with them was a lot more important. Despite the fact that tiredness got the best of me it felt good to spend the time I was awake with them.

Saturday started awesome, we made breakfast in the morning and decided to water the flowers we had just planted last week. We have not gotten much rain so they really needed it. My only goal for the day was to wash the cars since today was the first day I had a chance and I truely enjoy it. Now Cielo loves yardwork and she saw that one of our trees was dead, and she decided we had to take it down. I knew what that meant. So as she start to chop it down Tyler says, (I was watering the flowers) want to cut the tree down :) … of course. We started to work at it with a hand saw and eventually it gave in to our attempts. The neighbors next door actually had a nice tool to cut down the branches and it worked out pretty good.

One of my buddies from the motorcycle website I am proudly a member had e-mailed me Thursday about being in Midland for the weekend. He wanted to know if I was going to be in town to see what was shaking :). He said he would be around here at noon and a little bit past that time the phone rang. He said hey I am at the Midland mall, so I am like here are the directions to my place you are not far off. To my surprise he was not visiting someone he knew like I had originally imagined, but he made a 3 hour trip just to meet me. Grant it, a 3 hour ride in a motorcycle is quite a joy for bike nuts like us… but it still made me feel pretty special when I found out that meeting me was the only reason he was coming up.

I had first learned about him via the website, and in discussions we had back and forth talked about meeting. We missed an opportunity to meet face to face a couple of years ago but during this hole time we have once in a while exchanged notes here and there. He is the closest motorcycle fanatic from the message board that I have since he is in Ohio as opposed to all my other buddies in Chicago. It was a wonderful experience to spend the afternoon chatting with him.

Another wonderful thing happened today. Ty got to play with some neigbor kids from one of the houses in the street behind us. They are a couple of kids that are around his age and I think he had a blast playing with them. Who knows maybe some day he can look back at this day and say I met my best friend on the16 of April 2005. It is exciting to know he is going to make new friends in this neighborhood.

After Bill had left I got to do what my goal for the day was, to wash the cars… the day had grown old and I did not get to wax them like I wanted to but at least they are clean and shinny. We finished the day once again watching a movie, we finished up Oceans 12 since I had fallen to sleep for most of it and watched Finding Neverland right after that. It was a nice day and I got to spend it outside, but better yet I got to spend all day with family and friends and what is better than that?

We live in a digital world.

How dependent are we on our digital equipment? Remember the Y2K scare and all the people running to the stores stocking up on water and food? It gave us a little glance at the panic that would capture people’s minds if computers were to just stop functioning.

How digital is our world? I wake up every day to a digital alarm clock. I then proceed to drink the coffee freshly brewed from a digitally controlled coffee maker. I strap onto my belt a pager, grab my cellular phone (don’t ask why I still have both that is another editorial) and remote start my car. As I enter my car I turn on my digital radio and check all the digital gauges on the control panel. That is just my morning, not even touching an actual computer just yet and I have already listed a variety of little gadgets that I will miss if I did not have them.

It goes further than that. Since the explosion of the Internet, we have created a new kind of community. The Internet has spawned email lists, online forums, and other gathering places where communities are formed. All of these things have made our world even more digital. If you were to ask someone involved on any of these communities whether they would miss their connection to the internet and they would for sure tell you that they would not know what to do.

So should we be concerned that we are becoming more and more dependent on digital devices for not just entertainment but just every day life and now even social interactions? I am not sure; I guess it all depends on an individual’s comfort level. Some people might be ok knowing that computers might be gone tomorrow and their life would go on and not skip a beat. I am somewhat in the middle, sure I work in the technology sector but if an electromagnetic pulse destroyed all technology in the world I would change my profession and make a living. I am not that dependent on computers for happiness… that is of course if the economy does not collapse and the world ends like a lot of people thought it would during Y2K.

I do believe that there are some people that have centered their lives around the digital world so much, that without it they would feel empty. If all your human interaction is purely done via a computer screen, then you would feel that not being able to talk to your internet community is a total desolation situation. Some people might think I am crazy but watch the movie The Net, with Sandra Bullock and you will see the scenario, that back when the movie came out to most of the general public might have seemed far fetched is today’s reality in some level.

And for the skeptics out there that might think I am going a little bit too far saying that people are not just living in virtual communities now a days. Talk to anyone that is addicted completely to MMORPG games and they might shed some new light on this ever growing reality of living in a digital world.

Sin City (****)

Starring more bin name stars than oceans 11 and 12 put together, Sin City is a great movie that brings a comic book to life on the silver screen. Starring Elijah Wood, Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Clarke Duncan, Carla Gugino, Josh Hartnett, Michael Madsen, Jaime King, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, and Brittany Murphy to name a few.

Robert Rodriguez teams up with comic book icon Frank Miller to co-direct this masterpiece. The film is based on the series of graphic novels created, written and illustrated by Miller. Miller has also done excellent work in other notable comics as Dare Devil and Elecktra.

The first thing I heard about this movie was that Robert Rodriguez was taking a stance against the director’s guild, I believe he actually quit it because they would not let him share the directing credits with Frank Miller. I believe that it is not a great gesture but a showing of respect an honor. Frank Miller’s graphic novels most have been monumental to be blueprint for this wonderful film, I am not a big comic book fan, but next time I go into a store that has them I might have to get a couple of his books.

Sin City is fast paced with an amazing use of color (or lack there off, I believe besides black and white we see yellow the most). There was even a car chase scene that was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Lots of wonderful vintage automoviles. With an almost chaotic story line the movie follows 3 main characters. They are all more villains than heroes, but you cannot help but bond with them in a human level. They all display tons of charisma and a different sense of justice that sometimes we feel has been lost in the world. I also believe this same kind of appeal makes Boondock Saints the cult classic it now is.

The acting was amazing, showing actors in roles that puts them in places where might not have seen them before. I was impressed by Mickey Rourke who’s comeback to a big budget film is in my eyes a success. Marv, his character, shows tons of emotion and a struggle between the question of is what I am living right now real or not. You can stare at true insanity and passion in his eyes. It really captivates you, and even makes you guess if what we are seeing is reality or Marv’s interpretation of it. Tons of gore that because of the absence of color does not look overdone, great acting… What are you waiting for go get it now!

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Weekend Update

What an awesome weekend I had :) We had tons of work but it was just utter satisfaction :)

Saturday was gardening day and pre-Mom’s visit cleaning. I have not worked on a garden since back in Colombia. I am glad that I did not because it was a great experience to share with Cielo. We went to her old place and got probably about 25 plants (mostly flowers) that were beginning to sprout. We also got 2 bushes and a tree. The dig up was not too bad and it felt good to get dirty. As a computer monkey I do not get to do much manual labor, so it feels good to work with your hands building stuff, or just gardening. One of the aspects of motorcycles that I like the best is that I can work on them. Cars, I am not too good at, and now a days they are super complex… it’s hard to keep up.

We came back home and started planting. We decided to start a garden at one of our backyard corners with a cool birdbath and all :) then we did a little outline garden of the deck as well as placed the trees on cool viewing spots. Cielo has a very nice Japanese Maple tree that has been groomed to be umbrella like and we cannot wait for it to bloom. That work took us most of the day, but we still had cleaning to do inside. We got to go back in and work some more because my Mom was coming to visit.

My Mom was doing just a one-day trip to come and visit, she and her fiance got up at 5 AM and drove for 6 hours from Chicago to MI. When they got home we took them for a little tour of the Area, not that there is a lot to see but it is a nice town. Then we went for some Ice Cream. We had dinner planned as a barbecue, which turned out excellent. Cielo had made tuna salad as well as marinated chicken, Teriyaki and Hawaiian style. It all turned out awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.

My Mom liked my house and was happy to see us. She had an excellent time, and even though she had to turn back and wake up at 4:30AM to head back to Chitown, she was very happy to see us. Cannot wait until she comes back and spends more than just a day with us.