Giving back to the community

An hour every other week I spend an hour helping 1st graders read. It is part of a program that is supported by my company and it helps local schools with the kid’s motivation. Many kids from these schools do not read at home or are not encouraged by adults (besides their teachers) to read. The program centers on making reading a fun thing and not just a school thing. I am not posting here to get a (great job Logtar) or anything like that… but to point out a cool little perk that we got thanks to this program.

They host a dinner every year for all the volunteers and I get to participate :)

6 comments on “Giving back to the community

  1. That is cool! And even cooler to get kids interested in reading. Since the advent of pc’s and gaming consoles reading for enjoyment has fallen by the wayside.

  2. I know you weren’t looking for it, but I am gonna give you a sincere pat on the back. I love to read and have since I can remember. It pains me to see kids these days who don’t know the joys of reading. Thanks for helping the next generation discover the magic world of books.

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