We live in a digital world.

How dependent are we on our digital equipment? Remember the Y2K scare and all the people running to the stores stocking up on water and food? It gave us a little glance at the panic that would capture people’s minds if computers were to just stop functioning.

How digital is our world? I wake up every day to a digital alarm clock. I then proceed to drink the coffee freshly brewed from a digitally controlled coffee maker. I strap onto my belt a pager, grab my cellular phone (don’t ask why I still have both that is another editorial) and remote start my car. As I enter my car I turn on my digital radio and check all the digital gauges on the control panel. That is just my morning, not even touching an actual computer just yet and I have already listed a variety of little gadgets that I will miss if I did not have them.

It goes further than that. Since the explosion of the Internet, we have created a new kind of community. The Internet has spawned email lists, online forums, and other gathering places where communities are formed. All of these things have made our world even more digital. If you were to ask someone involved on any of these communities whether they would miss their connection to the internet and they would for sure tell you that they would not know what to do.

So should we be concerned that we are becoming more and more dependent on digital devices for not just entertainment but just every day life and now even social interactions? I am not sure; I guess it all depends on an individual’s comfort level. Some people might be ok knowing that computers might be gone tomorrow and their life would go on and not skip a beat. I am somewhat in the middle, sure I work in the technology sector but if an electromagnetic pulse destroyed all technology in the world I would change my profession and make a living. I am not that dependent on computers for happiness… that is of course if the economy does not collapse and the world ends like a lot of people thought it would during Y2K.

I do believe that there are some people that have centered their lives around the digital world so much, that without it they would feel empty. If all your human interaction is purely done via a computer screen, then you would feel that not being able to talk to your internet community is a total desolation situation. Some people might think I am crazy but watch the movie The Net, with Sandra Bullock and you will see the scenario, that back when the movie came out to most of the general public might have seemed far fetched is today’s reality in some level.

And for the skeptics out there that might think I am going a little bit too far saying that people are not just living in virtual communities now a days. Talk to anyone that is addicted completely to MMORPG games and they might shed some new light on this ever growing reality of living in a digital world.

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  1. I know what you mean about the games. I see people all the time that are on the computer and stay in their rooms like hermits. WAIT… that’s me, HA! Seriously though, it is a shame. The only games I play are on the PS2, and that’s IF I’m not doing something more important…. that is if I have NOTHING to do at all.

  2. Bueno Don Logtar, le cuento que en el viajecito alcancé a ir al Vaticano antes que el pobre Wojtyla empeorará y medio lo alcancé a ver o a algún cardenal que se asomó por la ventana. Yo no soy creyente, como podrá saber, pero el Vaticano es toda una experiencia mística, casi me desmayo en la Capilla Sixtina (quizás por la montonera) y San Pedro es increible. Sobre su post, que es sobre lo que creo que quiere que la gente comente, yo creo que la humanidad está decididamente adicta a la tecnología, lo que no estaría mal si nos supiéramos controlar, pero ahora que hasta se inventaron un aparato para que no tengamos que sufrir las graves penas del caminar unas cuadras (SegWay, creo que se llama, corríjame si no), se nota que vamos por mal camino, pronto necesitaremos de máquinas hasta para poder comer y tragar. Cuando lleguemos a ese punto quizás ya habremos gastado las fuentes de energía disponibles y moriríamos sin duda alguna, porque no sabremos hacer nada por nuestra propia cuenta. La tecnología está bien, est{a muy bien, pero con mesura. Con mesura no quiere decir que se invente menos cosas, sino que se inventen más cosas que desarrollen el intelecto humano y menos que estimulen la pereza (claro que eso es imposible de lograr).

  3. Very interesting. I would miss it, sure, but my life would continue with much fullness. I have come to appreciate my friends in the blogging community; some I would consider friends. But I do realize the importance of reality and how I interact with the people in my life from day to day.

    I wonder if you’d mind if I were to take the subject of your post and create questions for my Monday meme. Please let me know. Thanks! =) I will certainly give you credit with a link to your blog!

  4. I think we can hardly imagine what life without electronics would be like; I am one of those who believe that civilzation, as we know it, would end – too much depends on the use of computers these days.
    If “only” the Internet died: well, MY life WOULD change a lot, but I could make do, certainly. Buy my books in the local bookstore, buy much less books, as I would have not so many means of finding ones that I deem interesting to me, phone more, snail mail again, ah well, not sooo many changes really that I could not stand.
    Yet I would miss the internet and my friends and aquaintances and hangouts therein.

    Shiver – End of Days scenarios. really :)

  5. well my existence would really disintegrate without the net. it’s where i do my business of creating. everyday i find it harder to deal with morons in real time. i need the net man. it has offered me a new lease. am not willing to go back. peace.

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