Weekend Update

What an awesome weekend I had :) We had tons of work but it was just utter satisfaction :)

Saturday was gardening day and pre-Mom’s visit cleaning. I have not worked on a garden since back in Colombia. I am glad that I did not because it was a great experience to share with Cielo. We went to her old place and got probably about 25 plants (mostly flowers) that were beginning to sprout. We also got 2 bushes and a tree. The dig up was not too bad and it felt good to get dirty. As a computer monkey I do not get to do much manual labor, so it feels good to work with your hands building stuff, or just gardening. One of the aspects of motorcycles that I like the best is that I can work on them. Cars, I am not too good at, and now a days they are super complex… it’s hard to keep up.

We came back home and started planting. We decided to start a garden at one of our backyard corners with a cool birdbath and all :) then we did a little outline garden of the deck as well as placed the trees on cool viewing spots. Cielo has a very nice Japanese Maple tree that has been groomed to be umbrella like and we cannot wait for it to bloom. That work took us most of the day, but we still had cleaning to do inside. We got to go back in and work some more because my Mom was coming to visit.

My Mom was doing just a one-day trip to come and visit, she and her fiance got up at 5 AM and drove for 6 hours from Chicago to MI. When they got home we took them for a little tour of the Area, not that there is a lot to see but it is a nice town. Then we went for some Ice Cream. We had dinner planned as a barbecue, which turned out excellent. Cielo had made tuna salad as well as marinated chicken, Teriyaki and Hawaiian style. It all turned out awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.

My Mom liked my house and was happy to see us. She had an excellent time, and even though she had to turn back and wake up at 4:30AM to head back to Chitown, she was very happy to see us. Cannot wait until she comes back and spends more than just a day with us.

3 comments on “Weekend Update

  1. So glad to hear that you had a great weekend! Yes gardening is pretty fun…I enjoy it anyway and it makes me sad that I won’t be doing any of that this season. =(

  2. Yeah, its true… manual labour of any kind just brings you back down to earth (literally) and reminds you about the simple things in life…. not to mention that reality isn’t a brightly lit office… *Sighzzz*

  3. Oh man, that is freaking AWESOME John!! Sheesh, the summer is just around the corner, and both Kris and I will be doing a lot of the same thing, just on a WHOLE ACRE of land! (faint)

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