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One of the most difficult questions that I have always been asked is the following conversation starter. If you could talk to anyone (Insert Celebrity – Mentor – Etc.) dead or alive whom would you talk to? I have finally found that person. Hunter S. Thompson.

Cielo actually introduced me to him, we watched Fear of Loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Dep. At first I can say that I did not get the movie. I had no previous experience with who Hunter S Thompson was, and I was just kind of overwhelmed by the sensory input that the movie was. This past week I read an article in Rolling Stone that Johnny Depp wrote about Hunter S Thompson and I have not been able to stop thinking. I was also impressed at how good of a writer Johnny Depp is. How cool would it have been to spend a day with this guy, just talking, just riding motorcycles, or listening to him?

One of the most impressive things to me right now was what he wrote after 9-11 happened. I know there are tons of stories floating around there about his death, and a pre 9-11 article… but I do not want to even talk about that. I just want to say that his writing is just like no other, and I now have a mentor, I now want to write even more than I did before.

Some people might not be able to see beyond a lot of the things that Hunter S Thompson was. He lived a very fast paced eccentric lifestyle. All I see is a loyal friend to many, and an extremely talented writer. Now I will have to read his work and learn. Maybe I will learn something about writing from him, maybe not, but I am finding inspiration on everything that I have read so far.

It is sad that he is not with us anymore, and also that I did not discover him before. I have probably read him before online on his ESPN column without even knowing I was. Now I have a writer and I can finally answer that pesky question. I would love to spend even if just an hour with Hunter S Thompson.

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  1. Hunter was an amazing person, writer etc. My husband has always been a fan and I loved it when I started reading his stuff. I will have to look up the after 9/11 piece(s) that he wrote. Right now (along with two other non Hunter books) I am reading Hell’s Angles. Amazing stuff – experiencing it with him would have been nothing short of incredible.

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