The Final Cut (**)

I do not remember seeing previews for this movie before. I really went into with little expectation. The only thing I had heard it was that it was a good movie and that it could make me cry. I have watched the movie twice now and I still do not know if the movie was good or not.

There is something hilarious about it after Cielo pointed it out, the beard on Jim Caviezel character looked so bad that it looked like he never took it off after doing the passion of the Christ. It made me smile every time he was on camera.

The movie tries to be a smart movie, but it somewhat falls short. It tries to pose the question that if we were to record how we live our lives, and then after our deaths that someone will be able to watch the recording, Would we act differently?… I don’t buy that… we are being watched, if you believe in God, well he can watch the tape of your life any time he wants… if you don’t then big brother is there 😉

In the end, the only thing that makes this movie “watch-able” is Robin Williams who I think does an excellent job at playing this character. The rest of the cast did some remedial acting. None of the acting really impressed me.

Cielo found the computer system that he had in his house cool, now I want it too.

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**If there is nothing else in the video store
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