I cannot stand wall paper

I had never encountered (or was aware of) the existence of wallpaper until I moved to the US. I have had a couple of encounters with it before this weekend, one of them being in the form of a border which was a pain in the butt but Saturday it turned into a nightmare.

Ever since we moved into our new place Cielo and I had just wanted to get rid of the wallpaper in out entranceway. It was not just the motive, but just that it was falling off the wall as it was and the urge to rip it off was just too great. We had been talking about it for months now and well, the opportunity to rip it came along and it was time to take it down.

With the experience I had, I knew that there was a chemical you could buy to soften the glue that was used to put the wallpaper up. Another plus was that when it was put up the first time they did not seem to do it the right way or it was just too old. I did not foresee too much effort, but still bought the chemical to use and was looking forward to going to town.

We had an eye doctor appointment on Saturday (you can see Ty sporting the funky glasses in the moblog.) After that we stopped at the hardware store and picked up paint, and supplies to turn the entranceway from tacky to grandiose. I had no clue then what kind of nightmare I was in for.

As we start removing the paper and using the chemical to remove everything that was not already falling off our unpleasant surprise showed its ugly head. There was two different kind of glues… at first I thought that they had tried to fix the falling paper with some over the counter wall paper glue… no sweat right, WRONG this people had use some kind of silicone base clue on the wall, what is even worse is that some of it was so caked on that it was almost impossible to remove from the wall unless you wanted to take the wall down.

After hours of frustration, and I do mean hours 4 or 5. We decided to stop, we had removed as much as we could, and we just called it a day and enjoyed a movie. I still wanted to finish the project, but I had truly planned to only spend Saturday doing it. I never planned for it being a whole weekend project.

Sunday morning came and we started once again working on the project, we worked on removing more glue but did not waste too much time on that. Everything got taped and the painting begun. It took most of the day on Sunday since there is a time for drying in between coats. By the time it was all said and done and with the time change it was 7 pm. Cielo finished up the touch ups and I picked up the garbage we had created and we were done. I think it looks awesome and I will post some pictures soon, but what was most enjoyable was spending time together working on a project. I really enjoyed that aspect of the experience.

Now as a PSA, please do not use Wall Paper, and if you do, use the proper glue… don’t create a future nightmare 😉

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