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  1. Questions


    1. As boys we always identify with out fathers, emulate them in many ways and learn from their actions. Your father seems like an excellent example to follow, but my question is, what comes to mind when I ask you to describe a moment in life where your Mother did something that still guides you to this day?

    2. We both seem very close to our sisters, she has been a very influential person in my life and I have played the Big Brother role lots of times… still do it now from time to time, tell us about a moment in your life when you played BB to your sister.

    3. In my Christian walk one of the toughest things to do is to distinguish between God’s will and my own. I believe I am good by nature 😉 no really, LOL. My question is, how do you make that distinction?

    4. I hope you don’t think I have made the questions to tough :) here is the one that I spent some time thinking about, I told you I would get you back. Not only that it is a compound question. We all know you are a TV fan, but you also like to read and watch movies. If you had to unplug the TV and never touch it again what entertainment outlet would take up most of that time? And this is no single questions answer either, I want a least 3 examples of specific artist of authors 😉

    5. I am having too much fun, I want more questions… does this work kind of like wishes and can I make my 5th question 3 more questions… hrm… fine I will play nice. I could go for the easy, put you on the spot and ask you when are you coming to visit… but I will just change that to a childhood one. I want to know what childhood toy you still have, or know where it is sitting right now. It could be at your parents, but it would be interesting to see what you come up with.

  2. Questions


    1. Can I call you Berry? LOL. I actually found your blog before I even found Michaels, I have read it and commented here and there. Of all of your posts in your blogs which you do you think was the most controversial and least commented?

    2. Now that I got you thinking this is going to be all disconnected and not too personal I will in deep. I know that you love Laura… but my questions is, can you pinpoint for us, and I am hoping not to get you in trouble, the exact moment when you knew she was the one.

    3. I know you also care for Michael like a brother, ok maybe like an ugly step brother. As a brother what is the thing you have wanted to tell Michael that you have not said already. And do not get out of this one easy, I know there is something there.

    4. You had no idea what you were signing up for did you :) but that is just me. We know you have two children and a loving wife, besides getting married and the birth of your litte ones what will be the happiest moment of your life?

    5. For the last one I will let you out easy. Give us your top 5 authors, your favorite book from each one of them and a small snippet about the book. Now, for the easy part, tell us what makes each one of those books great to you.

  3. Questions


    1. I am not sure how you found my blog, but I am really glad you did… I have read some of your info and you are a fascinating person. Cannot wait to learn more. But first a little selfish question… how did you find me and what kept you coming back?

    2. Not sure how many of your readers know but you are a doctor, not an easy profession and one that here in the US has turned in a lot of ways as a status and money profession and not so much about helping people. How do you see the profession over in Europe or more especifically in Germany.

    3. You dominate English quite well, but your first language is of course German. Now Knowing latin is just really making me jelous but now you are learning Spanish… what makes you love languages?

    4. Now, for an easy question :) Americans have plenty of prejudiced thoughts about Germans, tell us some of the shared thoughts that Germans have about Americans and what would you like the world to know to know about your love country.

    5. I know you love Photography, I want to see the best picture you have ever taken and your favorite picture, it could be by someone else 😉

  4. Questions


    1. Your parents are from Hong Kong, you grew up with multiple cultures but for the sake of argument lets say that that of your partents is your culture, what about that culture do you think is misunderstood the most? and I am going to sneak a freebie, what do you consider your own Culture?

    2. Your profession scares me(Technical Writter), specially knowing that you read my blog and I am such a poor writter. What is your biggest writting pet peeve?

    3. You like languages, and you have mentioned wanting to be a translator before. Have you ever done it at a professional level? would you still like to some day?

    4. You have travelled quite a bit? What is the furthest you have ever gone from your current home?

    5. Last but not least an easy one. What are your 5 top fav artist? your fav songs from those artist and explain what makes each one of them special.

  5. Questions


    1. We want to know how you met your husband? the details and when did you know that you had fallen in love?

    2. Now if I took reading away completely… what other entertainment avenue will take up all of that time? I also want details as to what they would be and why.

    3. Lets go a little deeper into your PHISH adversion. Why?

    4. Tell us about your earliest childhood memory.

    5. Since I have been easy on you, I will make the last one hard. Tell me the most important tradition in your family that you think is unique to them.

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  1. An interview by Logtar
    Let me say at first that I found this interview not too easy; Logtar did pose some difficult questions, I would have chosen much easier ones for myself (what did you have for breakfast and the like – :-) )
    But anyway, here I go:

    1. I am not sure h…

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