Maria Full of Grace (***)

Starring Catalina Sandino Moreno, Guilied Lopez, Patricia Rae, Orlando Tobon, John Alex Toro, and Yenny Paola Vega. This was one difficult movie to watch. It is even tougher to review it now. I am not even sure where to start. The movie is the story of Maria, a 17-year-old Colombian that is dealing with life as we all do in a every day basis. Her world seems to be coming down on her to the point that she makes the decision to become a mule for a drug trafficking ring.

The movie is very well done, and even though it was produced in the US it was true to Colombia in both the Spanish spoken as well as the human interaction. The story was very well told, but a lot of the empty subplots I could easily fill in by being from that country. That is where my first issue with the movie starts. The way that Maria interacts with her family is not truly explained by the movie. Her struggle to be rebellious about giving money to her family clashes with the real reason she is becoming a mule. Her ultimate goal would be to help her family out. That is just the beginning of my problems with the movie. There are too many to bring up in just one post.

Colombians in movies are portrayed as thugs, mules or drug lords. It saddens me to see my country always portrayed that way. I cannot remember the last movie from Hollywood that I saw where a Colombian was actually in a role that showed a better face of the beautiful land that I am from. It is a reality that Colombia has problem both political and socio economic. I was born there and I never had anything to do with drug trade, my family is not involved in any way. I sometimes feel like the drug traffic is a cross that all Colombians have to bare as unfair as it might seem.

This is a movie review so I will stop my rant, and tell you that I do recommend you see the movie, but please keep in mind that while this is a window onto the life of a drug mule it does not represent all that Colombia is. Also keep in mind that this woman is doing this not because she wants to get rich, but because she believes this is a way to help her family and to help herself. While I do not agree with her Choice in the movie, I know this is the cruel reality that plenty of people have to live, not only that but many of them die as a result of it. Watch it, be open-minded and let me know what you think.

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7 comments on “Maria Full of Grace (***)

  1. Oh, c’mon! Seriously dude, did you honestly think that the colombian dialect was true to the actual background the story was supposed to be taking place? Are you sure the photography didn’t suck? Maybe I watched a different version of Maria, I don’t know.

  2. German,

    When you compare the movie to other Hollywood stuff, yes I do believe that the Colombian dialect overall was good… as opposed to people of other nationality playing Colombians and just saying some words here and there.

    As far as the photography I thought it was good, not excellent but good. The ambiance was about correct. We watched the same movie, I think it is worth watching from the human aspect of it.

  3. Maria full of grace wasnīt made for colombians nor for people who really pay their dues from the drug bussiness. This movie shows what american and european markets want to see, itīs made by americans for americans and for people who donīt give a damn about whatīs good for such a `worthless country in any other case but drugs`, thatīs what they think about us, thatīs the image they got from us and sadly enough thatīs what sells around here.

  4. Creo que las peliculas que se hacen en este pais solo le hacen mala publicidad. Todas son de ņeros, de narcos, de droga, de putas, de pobreza. Despues que porque nos piden visa y nos ponen tanto problema afuera.

  5. Maria Full of Grace is a powerful movie which sends shivers down the spines of its viewers. Would recommend the movie to anyone with a DVD player or VCR. Watch the Film to enjoyment. (****)

  6. I just watched Maria Full of Grace again and overall I enjoyed the movie. I am from Mexico so the Colomian accent took a minute for me to really capture but after 5 or 10 min, I was good to go. What I would like to know – And I put this out to any Colombian – during the arguments between Maria and Juan, she insults him using a word which I’m sure is common amongst Colombians however I have no idea what she said or what it means. Any help??? Also, I believe in one seen, there is an argument between Maria and her sister and the sister also uses a different insult…any help on that one too???

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