Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (****)

Digital Fortress was difficult for me to rate this book. While I could not put it down once I started reading it, it was not quite the suspense build up that Angels and Demons was nor the fiction/fact collage that The DaVinci Code was. It was an awesome love story, or maybe it is just that I am in love.

The book is very similar to the other Dan Brown titles in style, and I was able to concentrate on the story rather than on all the techno-babble that was in the book. Most of the topics discussed were really not that foreign to me because of my familiarity with cryptography, encryption and computer stuff. Brown did fall a little short in the build up of his main bad guy. Both the Code and Angels had scary bad guys, that kind of made your skin crawl when they were near their targets, the guy in this book did not really transmit that feeling at all.

Overall it was a very engaging book that I loved due to the love story that played inside. I am sure conspiracy theory buffs will eat this one up, because we all know Big Brother is watching… for now I just go by saying that my love for Cielo is without wax!

Logtar’s book rating

(*) Don’t bother even reading the synopsis
(**) If you want to kill some time
(***) Great reading for a long trip
(****) Must Read

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3 comments on “Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (****)

  1. I actually liked this book better than Angels and Demons. Code is by far my favorite and DF is next. I was a little disappointed in AD because I didn’t think it was as suspensful as Code. However Brown is a great writer. :)

  2. before starting reading any of his books one must be warned of shitload of flat jokes and blender user manual vocabulary. to say nothing about his maniacal superhero self-vision. total crap as opposed to others. still the dan of brown eye.

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