A ray of hope

Cielo and I have gone through some difficult times. I have reached a level of depression that was not leading me in a good path. This was not just one person’s fault, a combination of circumstances made it difficult to even breathe.

Love can be hard at times, but my motto in life has always been… “A road without obstacles does not lead anywhere.” For Cielo and I lately it has seemed like the obstacles have been too much, like the bumps of the road had actually damaged us. I prayed to God yesterday to let me know if what I was doing was right and all I could feel was the deep love I have for this woman. If that is not my answer, then I do not know what it is. True love will persevere.

I am not saying that life is happy and that I am back to normal just yet, but I see a ray of hope. I am committing myself to work on myself and my happiness, we as a couple are committing ourselves to get help and move forward on building a life together and foundation for a marriage. I want to have not just a family; I want a family with Cielo more than anything. Having that will make me happy. We will get through this honey. WE WILL.

3 comments on “A ray of hope

  1. Your entry was so honest and sincere. John, you have such a good hear. I wish you and Cielo the best in the coming years. Take care of you, then take care of each other… love beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

    Much love sweetie….I’m praying for you…

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