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I have battled my weight probably my whole life… actually not that long, when I was a kid until like 4 I was actually a picky eater and pretty skinny but my Mom from then on wanted to make sure I eat good meals and pretty much everything. She used to even give me vitamins and stuff. Well it worked. I have once again reached a weight that I am not comfortable with and my cholesterol is pretty high for my age.

I have in the past worked out quite a bit and watched what I eat but nothing seems to work. It can get quite frustrating when you are not only on a diet, but also are working out 2 – 3 hours a day. I did this for the better part of two years. I was doing lots of cardio workout, plus free-weights and at the end I looked the same, I was probably healthy but I did not feel I was getting the results for the effort. I want to see the six pack that I know I have under the flab.

I just got my cholesterol checked and I have to call the doctor back because he has some “recommendations” for me. Hopefully one of them is not for me to start taking cholesterol medication but it might be. As frustrating as it might be I have to start once again watching what I eat and also exercising again. But I am going to try something different this time. Actually tracking stuff here. Since I have my blog I have not worked out consistently or really watch what I eat. I am not sure how in depth I am going to get with posting about my progress here but I will start by saying that right now I am at 241. My ultimate goal would be 180, but my realistic goal is 200. Either way I have to start putting a lot of effort into it. I am not going to get into a strict diet just yet, but I am trying to lower my intake. I am however going to start really concentrating on the workout part.

I have a busy life, but if I do not watch it I might not have a life to worry about in the future if I do not get myself into gear. So I guess from today on the Logtar weight loss challenge begins.

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  1. Poor You, i am very underweight and cant manage to get it to go on. I hope you manage to do all you want to do, I’m sure you will. I will keep an interested eye on your blog! Good Luck!

  2. I feel you, I really really do. I was 192 a year ago, and now I’m 160. Yeah, my ideal weight is 145… still working to get there, but at least I’m not almost 200 again! I’ve dealt with weight my whole life too. I had to change the way I was eating. If I can’t afford to eat healthy, or am too tired to cook the way I should, I just eat less of the crappy food. Try the Perricone Perscription. Look it up at google to see what I mean. It has helped me tremendously.

  3. If you set your heart to it, anything is possible. It may seem like a daunting task but since you are determined, hopefully it pays off. Good luck on your weight loss program. :)

  4. Struggled with weight issues all my life. Had a gastric bypass exactly eight years ago on 3/17. A healthy weight is all realtive I think and I don’t believe in charts but do believe in what your body tells you.

    I keep my weight off by eating five small meals a day, never eating past 7PM, never skipping breakfast and always making lunch my biggest meal. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies. I don’t avoid sweets or treats — just eat very little. Drinking lots of fluids keeps me full as well. There’s a billion little way to trick yourself into losing weight and not feeling deprived. If you want, I’ll share more.

    I have faith in you — you can do it — whenever you feel like “going off your diet” think it all the way through. My mother always used to tell me to put whatever I wanted in a baggy and tape it to my hips for an hour before I ate it. Just the thought of that made me not want it. LOL She was something. Now I’m rambling. Best wishes for your target weight, darlin’heart.

  5. Hello, This is Mary

    I am 36 years old with 2 toddlers. My youngest just started day care last week- which still feels a little strange. I haven’t had this much time to myself in years. First thing I want to do is lose the extra pounds I put on during the last pregnancy. One of the girls next door has suggested I join her walking group two days a week. After my first pregnancy I lost around 35 pounds using the Herbalife products, but when I called the man that sold them to me three years ago he told me this week he doesn’t sell them anymore. He told me to look on the internet. It’s disappointing because he was really nice and he called me regularly to make sure I was using their products correctly. It was nice to have someone checking in with me every week to see how I was and it kept me motivated.

    I searched on the internet for someone that sells Herbalife in New Jersey. I found many websites but I don’t want
    just to buy the products, I want to find someone trustworthy that sells the products so I can also meet them and get started again.

    Could anybody here recommend someone in New Brunswick?

    Thanks, Mary

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