Intensity (****)

I have been told before that I should read Dean Koontz but I never got the chance until Cielo suggested Intensity. I am glad I read the book because Mr. Koontz is indeed an excellent writer. His descriptive narrative is excellent and it immerses you in a world that is not only full of sinister twist details but also leaves bread crumbs as shred of hope. I might have read his best book but I doubt it. I cannot wait to start reading another one of his novels.

A young woman staying as a guest in a Napa Valley farmhouse becomes trapped in a fight for survival with a self-proclaimed “homicidal adventurer”, and races to warn his next intended victim. Unrelentingly terrifying, this book lives up to its name.

Intensity is a fast paced book that does character points of view beautifully. You feel the fear and urgency of the victims, and when it switches point of view to the other side you can experience the intensity of the villain. At first the book seemed dark, very dark with little hope. As the story unfolds hope is dangled in front of you as a carrot that seems unreachable.

I recommend reading this book while I do advise those of weak stomach to proceed with caution. There are very graphic instances where you might have to read carefully or end up giving your dinner to the toilet. To find out if evil wins the battle in the end you will have to turn the pages. Some might think that letting the bad guys win is a bad thing, but don’t we live in the real world? :)

Happy reading.

Logtar’s book rating

(*) Don’t bother even reading the synopsis
(**) If you want to kill some time
(***) Great reading for a long trip
(****) Must Read

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  1. My favorite Dean Koontz book is still Watchers. It is one of his early works and I couldn’t put it down. Watchers was one of the books that was made into a movie and I had actually watched it before reading the book. The bad thing was that I never associated the movie with the book, it was a horrible depiction.

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