Why do we wear a neck tie?

Well, I got into a conversation about the neck tie’s origin. I was asked why do men wear it, and I had in the past looked it up but could not remember the reason. Here is a little historical account of the origin of the neck tie. If you have no clue, then post what you think the origin of the neck tie is… or just what comes to mine before you Click Here

Now with that read, if you had the change to click and read, there is something called a Colombian Neck Tie. While it is not a thing that I will like to describe here lets just say it is not for the weak of stomach. It was an interesting read nonetheless 😉

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  1. OOoh, I just thought they were mini symbolic nooses, lol. That’s really interesting, thanks for sharing Logtar.

  2. Amazing we still wear them! Some more interesting tie facts…

    300 years ago the English developed neckwear so thick that they could stop a sword thrust!

    Marv Beloff invented the wooden bow tie in 1993. He sells nine basic homemade styles and insists that the only things you have to worry about when you wear them are “termites and fires.”!

  3. My idea of wear the neck tie came from was that hunters would tie a cloth around their necks, or it could be people who went into ancient battles, and when they stabbed some unfortunate dude… they would whipe their blades clean on the colth around their necks, and probably how the stripes on ties came about… dunno just my idea!

  4. I always figured the tie was a phallic symbol worn by us men to reinforce the idea that we were superior to women in the workplace, hence the reason it is often considered unfashionable or even objectionable that women wear a tie. I believe for this same reason women were discouraged from wearing pants until recently in fashion history, pants being a privlege afforded only to men. Maybe this is the Freudian explaination. I am by no means a chauvinist, I just offer this opinion for the consideration of all. Thanks!

    Robert Morgan

  5. Well, the neck tie in Frech is called a CRAVATE which was somehow modified from CROATE which is French for Croatia. The neck tie therefore originated in Croatia. Don’t know anymore then that..

  6. Originally a bib/napkin for eating. the patterns were formed by wiping ones mouth ion the garment

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