Windshield Wipers

With all the technology that we have now days, why is it that windshield wipers still suck?

I have bought both high end and cheap wipers and it made no difference they both sucked. I mean, it is not like I am expecting my windshield wipers to defrost themselves in the middle of winter and scrape the windshield clear for me. No I just want them to consistently clean the glass clean, not leave streaks and cover the whole surface area that they extend to. But it is obviously too much to ask.

Who knows maybe someone out there has found the holy grail of windshield wipers and they are about to tell me how it is but I doubt it. And yes I have used rainx before and it does work but you still need wipers no matter what, especially during the winter with all the salt that ends up on the windshield.

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  1. Yea now that you mention it windshield wipers do suck! Hey I have a new photo gallery! Check out my blog for the link!

  2. ¿Porqué no intenta ponerle parabrisas como los de los buses de los que se ponen en la parte de arriba? No limpian todo, pero limpian más… o eso me parece. Sobre cosas que vienen con el invierno, como podrá entender, no le puedo ayudar (aunque le aconsejo babitas, eso sirve cuando llueve acá)

  3. Wish I could help ya there, but uh, where I’m from… it doesn’t snow during the winter… okay, it did… once. :)

  4. LOGTAR, HELP ME!! I have a new host, domain, etc. I had Word Press installed via “fantastico script”, but I have no idea how to change the template, etc. I am no programer, but I am a fast learner. If u don’t have the time, perhaps u know of a spot online that could help me via tutorial? I’ve seen such gorgeous word press templates out there, but I can’t change mine. I have no idea of how to work with a server, all I know, is that I’m tired of paying 14.95/mo. with Six Apart’s Typepad. Ugh.

  5. Script goddess is a good spot for stuff… but as far as accessing your host that all depends on what they provide. You should have a control panel somewhere, once you have access to that everything should be a lot simpler.

  6. OY I hate wipers. They streak and they make too much noise. I have no clue how to help it either other than possibly buying some rain-X for the windshield.

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