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Work has been sucking up a lot of my life. Not just time but tons of brain time. It has been frustrating to not be able to stop thinking about work. Something that I have in the past been able to accomplish was turn work off the moment I walked out the door. That has just not been possible lately and I do not want it to take a toll.

I take pride on what I do, and I like to give results above and beyond what is expected of me. That is just how I do it. It is hard to be that dedicated sometimes but it is just my nature. I do need to unplug sometime soon because it is getting to be a heavy load.

I need a vacation soon. How is your job going lately?

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  1. Wow you sound so much like my hubby…he’s the same way. How’s my job going? I dunno…I don’t have a job! lol

  2. Jejejeje. I don’t work… ha! I will in the future though, lol. Seriously though, don’t feel too bad if you do the bare minimum. It can happen to the best of people. Like JayZ said, you gotta “get…that…dirt off-ya shoulda”… 😉

  3. between work and school, I cuold certainly use a vacation myself – esp considering that school require a lot of my time at home to finish projects. *feels kind of flat*

  4. Ahhh my friend you sound like me not too long ago! Remember you must make the time to take the time to play as hard as you work! So much goodness in your life now, make sure to enjoy as much as you can. If you cannot do a full vacation what about some shorter trips to the cabin?

    I have a new job now at a smaller company. Taking some getting used to but a much better environment for my mental health. Sorry I have been so absent lately. You know how hectic life can be!

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