You are the air I breathe

Life has a new meaning
When you find love
It marks a new beginning
To live more and more

Now I have a quest
To make you happy every day
To fulfill your every dream
Your love a never-ending stream
Will be the that ray
That shines brighter than the rest

You are my lighthouse
You are my compass
Soon to be my spouse
Already my goddess

Without you I will fail
You are everything to me
Our love will always prevail
You are the air that I breathe

Happy Valentines Day

I would like to start by saying, Happy Valentines Day Mi Cielo! I had an excellent Valentine’s weekend that started with a romantic dinner and got better as it kept on going. I got my love a Monchhichi doll but not for Valentine’s day just as a gift that arrived just in time 😉

Today we are experiencing just crazy weather, there was a sheet of ice about 1/4 inch thick on my car this morning. I took a picture and that is actually my hand pushing the sheet off ice of after rolling down the window. That is even after warming it up for over 15 minutes. But at least it is warming up and the ice seems to be melting. A pleasant surprise was that I did not see any accidents on the road so I think people drove carefully for once.

I leave you with some history about this day, and why it is celebrated besides the love of chocolate and spreading love. Have an awesome Valentines Day!


Colors are very important in life. Even colorblind people experience the sense of color by distinguishing different hues. I related colors to people, like a bright red reminds me of Cielo, or blue now reminds me of Tyler. Purple reminds me of my sister and pink reminds me of my niece as well as one of Cielo’s sister’s. There is so much attached to color. Anyone in marketing can give you a run down of what colors do and how much they are used in their business. Yellow and red have always been the hunger inducing colors and well, look at most fast foods places and see what colors are involved. In the computer world we also see this, Blue used as a color of power has always been used to describe IBM.

So what does color mean to you, do you associate color with the people around you?

Its snowing again

It was such a tease to have a couple of days above freezing; it almost started to feel like spring was coming. But that pesky groundhog had to see his shadow and now we are back to snow falling and roads just plain nasty.

An accident happened almost in front of me today, and it got the heart pumping I tell you that. I miss the sun though, that is what I dislike most about winter. I can deal with driving in deep snow, I can deal with the temperatures, and I can even deal with having to shovel snow. What I cannot deal with is the lack of sun.

The sun provides so much for me. I am not sure why but it really cheers me up. The sky overall reminds me of God, clouds, colors and just beauty up there. But then when the sun is gone for periods of time I start to miss it quite a bit.

I guess the summer will come soon enough and then we will have extra sun time. That is the plus that keeps me sane, that I know that when it is nicer outside we will have a little more sun. How does the sun affect you?