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Cielo, Ty and I got to visit another scout Den last night. I was actually invited as a speaker. The kids are trying to earn their citizenship badge and one of the requirements was to talk to someone that was born in another country. It was an awesome experience for me, and the kids got to learn about Colombia. I was surprised by their questions and their knowledge. It was a good time and I got to be proud of the Yellow, Blue and Red.

We talked about growing up and how are the countries different. It was an excellent exercise in my humble opinion. I centered the talk on soccer and how it is the number one sport in my country. Soccer is growing in popularity in the US, but compared to the rest of the world where soccer is second to none there are tons of things to learn. The super bowl is still king here in the US. I might be doing a culture write up on how American Football compares to Football (soccer) around the rest of the world.

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  1. hey.. that would be an interesting paper.. pulling in cultural differences. :) and now that you mentioned cultures in general, you can stop by my blog and read my paper on immigration. :)

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