You are the air I breathe

Life has a new meaning
When you find love
It marks a new beginning
To live more and more

Now I have a quest
To make you happy every day
To fulfill your every dream
Your love a never-ending stream
Will be the that ray
That shines brighter than the rest

You are my lighthouse
You are my compass
Soon to be my spouse
Already my goddess

Without you I will fail
You are everything to me
Our love will always prevail
You are the air that I breathe

2 comments on “You are the air I breathe

  1. Execellent poetry but do you really think that you would fail without C. in your life? I am not being critical just wondering. I have always said that I have a man in my life because I want to not because I need to. I survived (although lesser quality) before I met my husband. He enhances my life 1000 times over but I also know that I will survive should he not be in my life. I would be grief stricken, heartbroken and more (depending ont he circumstances) but I would be me still and I would be ok. I think you would not fail either. Just some ponderings….a beautiful and obviously (for me) thought provoking poem.

  2. Yes Michelle, I think that I would fail wittout her. Let me explain what the poem means to me. I know that I could make it without C, I know that I could live without her, but my life is truely better because she is a part of it. My life has changed and will continue changing by having her in my life. I want to be a better man not for her but for me, she makes me want to be a better man. She is giving this life a new meaning, a new reason to fight. and the love I feel for her is the strongest thing I have ever felt. I know I would survive, but I know my life would not be as cool and full as it is with her… Saying without you I would fail …(to accomplish all the goals that now my life has for us)… 😉 Feel free to discuss

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