So what is up with the baby in the cake

Not sure either, I walked into the breakroom to see that and I found it quite disturbing. I am sure its some kind of baby shower treat, but come on, the baby is like asking for help. If you have no clue of what I am talking about just click here.

6 comments on “So what is up with the baby in the cake

  1. That is just sick. It does look trapped, possibly trying to crawl out. Whoever designed that is disturbed. Wouldn’t a simple “Welcome Baby” have been much better, not to mention less disgusting?

  2. It looks as if someone was trying to create a “blanket” for the baby to appear “sleeping under” out of cake and icing.

    Now, I think they realized towards the end that the proportions were VASTLY incorrect.

    That is just my guessumtion though. Trying to figure out a way so this doesn’t look so disturbing.

  3. Disturbing yes. A blanket maybe. Has anyone considered that it could be the baby coming, clawing its way out of the womb…..sorry I could not resist.

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