Happy Valentines Day

I would like to start by saying, Happy Valentines Day Mi Cielo! I had an excellent Valentine’s weekend that started with a romantic dinner and got better as it kept on going. I got my love a Monchhichi doll but not for Valentine’s day just as a gift that arrived just in time 😉

Today we are experiencing just crazy weather, there was a sheet of ice about 1/4 inch thick on my car this morning. I took a picture and that is actually my hand pushing the sheet off ice of after rolling down the window. That is even after warming it up for over 15 minutes. But at least it is warming up and the ice seems to be melting. A pleasant surprise was that I did not see any accidents on the road so I think people drove carefully for once.

I leave you with some history about this day, and why it is celebrated besides the love of chocolate and spreading love. Have an awesome Valentines Day!

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  1. Hey.. Happy Valentine’s day! Te ehee.. Glad to hear that your Valentine’s day is going well :). *hugs*

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