Colors are very important in life. Even colorblind people experience the sense of color by distinguishing different hues. I related colors to people, like a bright red reminds me of Cielo, or blue now reminds me of Tyler. Purple reminds me of my sister and pink reminds me of my niece as well as one of Cielo’s sister’s. There is so much attached to color. Anyone in marketing can give you a run down of what colors do and how much they are used in their business. Yellow and red have always been the hunger inducing colors and well, look at most fast foods places and see what colors are involved. In the computer world we also see this, Blue used as a color of power has always been used to describe IBM.

So what does color mean to you, do you associate color with the people around you?

5 comments on “Colors

  1. they say more men than women are colorblind. my dad’s colorblind, but i think it’s passed through your mom. i wouldn’t say that i’m colorblind, but sometimes i have a very hard time distinguishing from certain shades of blue and purple, and of gray and green.

  2. i mostly relate to smells. i like colors in movies though, like the shade of the matrix for instance.

  3. Blues, greens and shades of purple are my faves – I find them relaxing and soothing. I associate my J with those colours – his eyes are green.

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