Awesome weekend

Why you might ask, to start out it was my BIRTHDAY :) I turned… never mind you have to guess. In any case Cielo had a party for me complete with cake and plenty of fun. We played catchphrase which worked out quite good for the number of people there. We did a little dancing and a lot of having fun. Now onto the coolest thing Cielo got me among other things a brand spanking new set of golf clubs. I have never had my own and this is one of the coolest gifts I have ever gotten. Gracias my amor :)

8 comments on “Awesome weekend

  1. Happy birthday foo. Sorry that I didn’t make your party; did not get back in ot the zip code until well beyond 11pm. Sometime man, we can go out, have a beer, as soon as you get settles in. pwnjoo in ut2k4.

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