Logtar’s Looney Lunes

BDI’s closing has left a big hole in our community. Even thought in the recent months it had declined in participation, it was a place where a lot of people came to get a laugh or two. Since I started blogging I had always wanted to start a MeMe of my own and today in the drive to work the idea popped into my head. Lunes is the word for Monday in Spanish and well Looney refers to a tip of the hat to the crazies at BDI.

So here it is your first LLL or 3L or whatever we are going to start calling this thing.

We are going to start simple with a goofy word association game… Use the word, what comes to mind?


Then for the second part a little music bit, answer the following 3 questions.

What is the song or artist that you love to hate?

What is the song or artist that you love but don’t like to admit to?

What is the song or artist that you first ever remember listening to as a child and loving, or that you purchased their first CD. Any story behind it?

So answer this question either here in the comments section or our blog, and of course track back and links are welcome. If this works I will start making other things for it like an actual category and links… so play and have some fun.

Week In Chicago

Well, I got to go back to Chitown this week. It was for business so the family and friend time was super limited but still cool. I am so tired and so ready to go home, but I just got some good news, I get to take an earlier flight :) I am excited to get home at 6 instead of 9 PM.

Voice Recognition

I still remember my first encounter voice recognition software. I was at a friend’s house sometime during 1997 and he had just gotten a new software package. It came with a headset that had a microphone. It looked cool, not that it was my first time seeing a headset with a microphone, but this was different, it was at someone’s house rather than on TV. Then he showed me how he could open up different applications and perform easy tasks like saving a file and such just by speaking to the microphone. The software only recognized some words and it also had to be very clearly spoken. In addition, it also required a sample of your voice before it would function properly. Nonetheless, it was cool.

I had seen this same technology being displayed in the movies. We all remember the Sci-Fi shows where someone would yell “Computer, give me the status on the hyper drive.” It almost seemed surreal. It always made me thing back to my high school years and my physiology teacher who had a banner that said; “The science fiction of today will be the science fact of tomorrow.”

I have seen many applications of this technology. Our cell phones use voice recognition to dial “Home” or “Mom.” Many cars are now equipped with cell phones with voice recognition dialers. Many credit card companies now let you speak your card number instead of pushing the numbers. Changing your address information stored by a company does not require another human being involved. If you speak clearly, you can change your address by following the prompts that will ask you for the information. Some technical support lines now accept your voice responses beyond a simple “yes” or “no.”

There are also many applications for this technology helping people with disabilities. Some universities allow students to take oral test given by a computer rather than one on one with a teacher. Just check out Vocomo to get a sense of how Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a reality that can be on our fingertips not just as an added feature but also as a built in feature for many products in the near future.

The most common application of this technology still today is customer service. Moreover, it is meeting with resistance from consumers. Will people carry the stigma that automated voice response systems have now to consumer electronics and everyday life? It is still early to tell but as fast food places move to use voice recognition for order taking we might start to take a stance.

Personally, I love new technology and will embrace it. At the same time, I understand the frustration that many experience when trapped in an endless loop on an automated response system. Also, we need to remember that by nature we like dealing with other humans rather than machines. Or do we? If the technology was such that there was no added frustration would we still prefer to talk to another human? That is the question that I give you to ponder.

Words of encouregement

I have been going through a rough time and I needed some kind words, today in my e-mail box I had this waiting for me from my Mom,

Do not lose hope
Realmente se nesesita coraje para tener Animo y salir adelante cuando la vida parece un zoologico o una telenovela…
Strength is needed to have hope and come out ahead when life seems like a zoo or a soap opera.
cuando sientas que todo se hunde y las cosas salen mal, piensa que paso a paso podras salir del atolladero.
When you feel that you are sinking and that everything is going wrong, think that step by step you can come out of the jam.
Toma cada Dia como venga.
Take it one day at a time and deal with it.
Las nuves negras y tormentas no permaneceran eternamente.
The dark clouds and the storms will not be there forever.
El sol brillara de nuevo y las alejaraPero si los conflitos se acumulan y solo quieres huir….
The sun will shine again and will drive them away, if the conflicts pile up and you just want to run…
Entonces empaca tus problemas y has algo divertido..
Then pack up your problems and do something fun..
Y no importa lo monotona o turbulenta que paresca la vida…
And it does not matter how monotonous or turbulent life might seem…
NUNCA abandones tus esperanzas o tus suenos.
NEVER leave your hopes or dream.
Cuandolos problemas parencen enormes pueden verse mas pequenos… Si confias que pueden transformarse en una sorpresa inesperada.
When the problems seem huge, they can be made to seem smaller… if you trust that they can be transformed by an unexpected surprise.
No te juzgues duramente, hagas lo que hagas Tu eres especial, Tu vales…
Do not judge yourself so hard, no matter what you are still special, you have worth…
Entoces quierete mucho.
Then love yourself a lot
No dejes de sonreir, sigue adelante Ten fe, No te desesperes tus problemas tambienpasaran…
Never stop smiling, keep going forward have faith, Don’t get hopeless your problems will eventually come to pass…

siempre contigo te adora tu mami. vicky.
Always with you, your Mom adores you. vicky

Visit to another Den

Cielo, Ty and I got to visit another scout Den last night. I was actually invited as a speaker. The kids are trying to earn their citizenship badge and one of the requirements was to talk to someone that was born in another country. It was an awesome experience for me, and the kids got to learn about Colombia. I was surprised by their questions and their knowledge. It was a good time and I got to be proud of the Yellow, Blue and Red.

We talked about growing up and how are the countries different. It was an excellent exercise in my humble opinion. I centered the talk on soccer and how it is the number one sport in my country. Soccer is growing in popularity in the US, but compared to the rest of the world where soccer is second to none there are tons of things to learn. The super bowl is still king here in the US. I might be doing a culture write up on how American Football compares to Football (soccer) around the rest of the world.